The Winged Throne LARP Fund

The Winged Throne LARP Fund supports those for whom the financial cost of attending games is a challenge.  All donations (minus Patreon’s fees) are used to cover registration and food plan costs for those in need.  The Fund is managed by Katherine Bryant, a player of Winged Throne games, and John Behnken, one of the owners of Winged Throne Productions. All requests for support are kept confidential.

To make donating to the LARP Fund even easier, we have set up and account on Patreon.  With this account we are introducing a new Winged Throne “currency” called the Throne that can be used for a little extra benefit at any of our games.  Thrones are only available to LARP Fund Patreon subscribers! Each game will determine what a Throne gets you.

  • For Evensong, one Throne is worth one Feat of Legend costing no more than 15 GB. (No player may use more than one Throne per event, but this feat does not count toward the usual per-event maximum.)
  • For Future Imperfect, a Throne is worth a medium-sized cache of resources. Please alert the game via HELP request by Updating deadline so that staff can select resources most useful to your character!

Please contact those in charge of the other Winged Throne games to determine how Thrones may be used in those games.

Our hope is that this Patreon effort will allow people to support the LARP Fund a little at a time, instead of us needing to ask for larger donations once in a while. (One-time larger donations are still welcome, and can be made directly through PayPal as we have traditionally done.) We are very grateful to everyone who has supported the Fund over time and to those who support it now!